Highway 29 Corridor Study

The Project

The Highway 29 Corridor Study, initiated by the Lilburn Community Improvement District (CID), encompasses a 4.0 mile section of US 29, located within the Lilburn Community Improvement District, between Ronald Reagan Parkway and Rockbridge Road in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

The purpose the Hwy 29 Corridor Study is to analyze three factors - Transportation, Land Use and Urban Design - and how they can work together to consolidate and coordinate the formation of this portion of the Highway 29 corridor as it further develops and redevelops. 
The over-arching goal of this study is to create a"Highway 29 Boulevard of Opportunity".

Through the 6-month planning process, the Hwy 29 Corridor Study will review and determine appropriate land uses, transportation improvements, revitalization opportunities, and urban design to create a mixed-use, pedestrian friendly, upscale destination corridor that not only supports, but encourages and formulates near and long range alternate forms of transportation that are planned by Gwinnett County, the City of Lilburn and neighboring agencies and organizations.

Hope to see you at Community Meeting #5, March 3, 2011!